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an occasion of coming to your rescue, Specially financially: a governing administration bailout of a big enterprise.

3. To abandon a undertaking or business. Usually employed with out: The buyers bailed out when it looked as if the company was destined to be unprofitable.

The term is maritime in origin being the act of removing h2o from a sinking vessel employing a smaller sized bucket.[2] A bailout differs from your term bail-in (coined in the 2010s) under which the bondholders and/or depositors of world systemically vital monetary establishments (G-SIFIs) are pressured to engage in the process, but taxpayers supposedly are not.

The large produce-downs could pressure several of the banking institutions into a further spherical of taxpayer bail outs, In keeping with newspaper stories.

Sweden's govt assumed negative lender debts, but banking institutions experienced to write down down losses and issue an possession interest (widespread stock) to The federal government. Shareholders were generally wiped out, but bondholders have been protected.

يَقْفِزُ بالمِظَلَّهيَكْفَل، يُطْلَق سَراحُه بالكَفالَه

1. Protection, commonly a sum of money, exchanged for the release of an arrested particular person for a warranty of that person's physical appearance for demo.

3. (Regulation) the program permitting release of someone from custody exactly where these kinds of safety is taken: he was released on bail.

one n (Jur) → Kaution f, → Sicherheitsleistung file (type); to go or stand or website set up bail for any individual → für jdn (die) Kaution stellen or leisten; to grant/refuse bail → die Freilassung gegen Kaution bewilligen/verweigern; he was refused bail → sein Antrag auf Freilassung gegen Kaution wurde abgelehnt; to be (out) on bail → gegen Kaution freigelassen sein; to Permit someone out on bail → jdn gegen Kaution freilassen

to grant sb bail [+ prisoner] → accorder à qn la mise en liberté provisoire, accorder à qn la mise en liberté sous warning

This bail-in Software was initially introduced to world-wide consideration in Cyprus, as talked about under, but had been discussed theoretically since at least 2010.

5. A little loop, typically of metal, hooked up to the pendant to enable it to be strung on a necklace or bracelet.

A bailout might be concluded for mere revenue, as any time a predatory investor resurrects a floundering corporation by getting its shares at hearth-sale prices; for social advancement, as when, hypothetically speaking, a wealthy philanthropist reinvents an unprofitable quickly foodstuff enterprise into a non-financial gain food stuff distribution community; or the bailout of a business is likely to be noticed as a requirement so as to reduce higher, socioeconomic failures: One example is, the U.S. government assumes transportation here being the backbone of The united states's basic economic fluency, which maintains the nation's geopolitical electrical power.

Stanning, who was commissioned from Sandhurst in 2008 and it has served in Afghanistan, is not the initial solider to bail out the organisers at these Video games but might be among the most celebrated.

four. To rescue anyone or a little something from the tough problem, Specifically by providing financial support; extricate: Just whenever we imagined we might have to close the enterprise, my uncle bailed us out with a financial loan. The government made an here effort to bail out the having difficulties airline industry.

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